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Raphael Matlis


Raphael started his ballroom dance career when he was 12.5 years old and began assisting with classes in his sophomore year of high school.Raphael values the study of all types of dance, but primarily focuses on International Ballroom. Raphael has been successfully competing in various Ballroom Competitions throughout the East Coast including winning US
Nationals Adult Pre-Champ in 2014.  

He is currently working on his Business Degree from Penn State University and loves working with his students at Beat Dancesport Academy.

Raphael's passion for dance and down to earth personality is apparent in every class he teaches. He prides himself on having the ability to foster meaningful relationships with his students while maintaining professionalism and providing exceptional dance education. Raphael constantly motivates,
encourages and expresses the importance of strong technical development. He inspires his students to work to their fullest potential and instills in them a passion for the art of Ballroom Dancing.

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