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Show Date:   Sunday June 16th, 2019

Show Time:  11:00 AM

Location:      JCC Klein Life

                       10100 Jamison Ave.

                       Philadelphia, PA 19116




Performing in Beat DanceSport Academy’s annual showcase is a huge benefit to all of our dancers. By participating in the showcase, dancers learn how to perform in front of a large audience which could be frightening experience for most. We teach them how to get over their stage fright and how to build confidence by performing on stage. The showcase is used to inspire performers to get creative with their numbers. From picking out the perfect song to creating a story line for their performance, we like to include our dancers in every step of the process instead of just giving them a piece of choreography to memorize. Dancers push themselves everyday to learn challenging choreography, advanced lifts and tricks, and sometimes even new styles of dance which might be incorporated into their routines. Dancers learn how to properly perform on stage with the use of gestures, facial expressions, emotions, and overall acting skills. They learn to put on a show! Here at BDSA we hold our showcases to the same standard you would a professional broadway production, teaching our dancers how to perform with props, intricate costumes, professional lighting, and music cues. We feel it is important for every performer to know proper performance etiquette and how to conduct themselves on a professional level whether they’re on or off stage.




Are you looking for the perfect way to advertise your business to local families and friends but don’t know how? Maybe you're trying to find a creative way to spread the word about your most recent promotions. Or maybe you just want to express how proud you are of your favorite dancer for all the hard work they put in this season. Well look no further than Beat DanceSport Academy’s playbill! Our playbill is handed out to over 400 audience members on the day of our show. This booklet includes our show order, names of dancers that are participating, title of each performance, and credit to each choreographer. In between pages we feature your personal adverts! This is a great way to reach hundreds of people in your local community that may be looking for services you offer today! This booklet is also a special keepsake to remember your child’s performances. So grab a form and take charge of this amazing opportunity!

Ad Book Form

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